[standards-jig] Pub/Sub for JNG?

Dave dave at dave.tj
Thu May 2 01:01:41 UTC 2002

How about IM?  I think we should be able to improve some clients' latency
by using UDP.  Allowing clients and servers to support it certainly
doesn't hurt anybody, does it?  I hate the idea of disallowing something
simply because we may not have too many apps ATM that'd benefit much
from it.

 - Dave, who hates PASCAL, but is starting to love these stupid one-liners

David Waite wrote:
> Dave wrote:
> >BTW - It's worth noting that I don't believe we can do better with UDP
> >than TCP if we want everything TCP has to offer.  For those applications,
> >TCP is by far the better choice.  However, there are many applications
> >for which most of TCP is nothing but dead weight - those apps love UDP :-)
> >
> > - Dave
> >
> Those apps are lossy multimedia streaming, and LAN file transfers :-)
> -David Waite
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