[standards-jig] JIDs (JEP-0029)

Craig ckaes at jabber.com
Thu May 2 04:26:17 UTC 2002

St Peter has decreed:

>Indeed. When the JEP Editor gets his hands on the document again he'll
>probably put that into words in the first paragraph of section 2 so that
>mere mortals can understand it as well.
The "JEP Editor" ;-) can save the trouble.  I've added it to the section 
on domain identifiers.  

>Well, I think the natural-language explanation is good, I just wanted to
>be consistent. Perhaps a bullet list such as that in the IETF draft would
>work for those mere mortals.
I have followed the IETF Draft standard notation for such matters.

Tonight's quote:

"I suggest to young professors that their first work should be written 
in a jargon only to be understood by the erudite few.  With that behind 
them, they can ever after say what they have to say in a language 
'understanded of the people'.  --Russell


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