[standards-jig] Question on JEP-0001

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu May 2 17:12:36 UTC 2002

Hi Ashvil,

Currently all JEPs contain a legal notice that reads as follows:

"This document has been placed in the public domain."

However, this does not address the issue of intellectual property claims.
(Also this notice is not being rendered by the XSLT stylesheet so you
can't see it on the HTML pages -- I'll fix that soon.) So I think we would
want to add another sentence to the legal notice, which would read as

"The authors affirm that they have made no intellectual property claims
associated with the protocols defined in this document."

If all JEPs contained this wording (or something similar to it -- we can
look at what the IETF and W3C use for their docs), would that address your

AFAIK, there are no patent or other IP claims associated with any existing


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On Thu, 2 May 2002, Ashvil wrote:

> I was looking at the JEP submission process, but I could not see any place
> where ownership of patents and the method of licensing for those patents was
> defined.
> Is there a reason this was not done.
> Without this, if I implement a JEP spec, I will have to talk to each author
> and negotiate a license.
> Regards,
> Ashvil
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