[standards-jig] Question on JEP-0001

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Fri May 3 04:57:26 UTC 2002

> "The authors affirm that they have made no intellectual property claims
> associated with the protocols defined in this document."
> If all JEPs contained this wording (or something similar to it -- we can
> look at what the IETF and W3C use for their docs), would that address your
> concerns?

Yes. This would address my concern.

To be more fair to the authors, another statement that would work could be
"Any intellectual property that the authors hold associated with the
protocols defined in this document will be licensed for use on a
royalty-free basis."

This would enable the authors (or their companies) to file patents and still
contribute to the JEP process.


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