[standards-jig] LAST CALL: JEP-0029 (JIDs)

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 22:42:35 UTC 2002

I think it is a good idea.

Although I would suggest putting JEP "tracking" information inside of the
JEP listing itself ala the w3c standards and adding this scheduling/tracking
info to the jeplist


I know that's more work for you Peter and I apologize for that.  Perhaps it
can be automated to reduce your workload...


On 5/3/02 10:26 AM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:

> In my continuing efforts to learn something from the standards processes
> used by organizations such as the IETF, I have decided to begin issuing a
> Last Call for comments on JEPs before they are submitted to the Council.
> The first JEP for which I'm issuing a Last Call is JEP-0029 (Definition of
> Jabber Identifiers). Because we're a fairly small group here and I think
> we've probably already discussed this JEP sufficiently, this Last Call
> will last until the end of the day Wednesday, 2002-05-08 (five days from
> now). If no other comments have been received at that point, I will submit
> this JEP for a vote by the Jabber Council.
> Once again, you may review the JEP at the following URL (hit reload in
> your browser to see the changes in version 1.1):
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0029.html
> Thanks.
> Peter
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