[standards-jig] IPR policy

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Thu May 30 07:55:05 UTC 2002

Hi Peter,
         Thanks for the quick turn around on this. The document looks very
good to me and I am Ok with it. I am not a lawyer but this makes sense.

The only issue I see is section 5 could be an problem for some big
companies. I feel that they may be unhappy to assign their copyrights to the
Jabber foundation.

There are two ways we can solve this
1. Let some company complain and then find out what works for them.
2. We could change section 5 to
Copyright [date] [Authors AND/OR Company Submitting the JEP].
All rights reserved. Any Jabber Protocol Enhancements
defined herein are available in accordance with the
Jabber Software Foundation's Intellectual Property
Rights Policy (http://www.jabber.org/ipr.html).

Either way will work for me.


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> I have put together an initial version of an IPR policy for the Jabber
> Software Foundation. You may find it here:
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0034.html
> I have still not compared it thoroughly to the policies of the IETF and
> W3C, but discussion is welcome -- please post to the Standards-JIG list
> since that is where this thread began.
> Thanks!
> Peter
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