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Hello there,

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 06:07:28PM -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> OK, I've looked a bit more at how disco interacts with MUC. Here is a
> question:
> If I send a disco#items request to a service, I receive a list of rooms.
> If I send a disco#items request to a room, I receive what?
> The disco spec says that an items request should return a list of
> "associated items". I see two kinds of associated items for a room:
> 1. Current occupants:
>   <iq from='jdev at conf.j.o' type='result'>
>     <query xmlns='disco#items'>
>       <item jid='jdev at conf.j.o/linuxwolf'/>
>       <item jid='jdev at conf.j.o/stpeter'/>
>       ...
>     </query>
>   </iq>
I would almost agree with this - my thought is to use the temporary jid
associated to every occupant of a room, with the name variable pointing
to the users nickname. This helps give room list in semi-anonymous
rooms. Actually, thinking about this, I could make it so that if you are
allowed to see the real jid, then the real jid is used, otherwise the
temporary jid is used.
> 2. Affiliated users (members and above -- I'd leave out the outcasts).
>   <iq from='jdev at conf.j.o' type='result'>
>     <query xmlns='disco#items'>
>       <item jid='linuxwolf at outer-planes.net'/>
>       <item jid='stpeter at jabber.org'/>
>       ...
>     </query>
>   </iq>
> I'd understand arguments for either one of these. Perhaps it would be best
> to leave this up to the implementation, but then of course we don't have
> consistency (which might be nice if I want to consistently find out how
> many people are in the room, for example).
I spent some time this afternoon thinking about this. I came up with the
following idea. Why not use the '%' system for browsing lists. So, for
example, if I wanted to get the member list from jdev at conf.j.o, i'd send
my disco#items request to member%jdev at conf.j.o

This would allow the flexibility to request specific list information.
It also gets around the limited reporting ability (only having jid &
name) as you already know the role or affiliation you are requesting the
list from. E.g. if I request the member list, I know all these users
have affiliation 'member'
> Also, note that the <item/> elements above are in the disco namespace, not
> the MUC namespace. So we can't have affiliations and roles and such --
> only 'jid' and 'name'.
> Thoughts?
> Peter
> --
> Peter Saint-Andre
> Jabber Software Foundation
> http://www.jabber.org/people/stpeter.php



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