[standards-jig] more thoughts on voip

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Feb 12 09:33:59 UTC 2003

Your slots idea is still part of the proxy mechanism so has no business
being in the VoIP protocol, neither does the bandwidth controls for the same
reason, also you dont seem to have any idea how the proxy service will work,
I suggest you read JEP-0065 which I think is the current favorite to become
the standard. Basically the proxy server in this case is just a
man-in-the-middle as you but it for two p2p clients, im not sure where you
got the idea about it being used to connect to the jabber server from (thats
is certainly not what its for).

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That sounds really good.  So maybe I am beating a dead horse, but I just get
the feeling that we are inches away from being able to implement voice but
we just havent taken that step to actually do it.  The proxy for voice
sounds great, but I guess the rest of my idea with bandwidth throttling and
informing the client of an available "slot" would be implementation
specific, and may be able to be done by the component/proxy sending a
message to the clients involved if no "slots" are available so to speak.

For the proxy service, bandwidth may end up presenting a roadblock.  What if
the connectivity to the server is setup using a proxy service but they dont
want to allow voice through due to bandwidth restrictions.  What if I use
NAT to connect to my jabber server but dont have proxy setup.  I guess I
should ask, is the current plan to allow oob setting to be specified as to
whether it is proxy or not?


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