[standards-jig] JEP-0060 PubSub 4: Affiliations (what about subscribers? & more granularity desired...)

Bob Wyman bobwyman at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 13 20:08:21 UTC 2003

    1) Table 1 of JEP-0060 v0.4 appears to be incomplete in that it does
not contain a row for the affiliation "Subscriber". Given that this is a
*very* important affiliation, I suggest that it be included in an
updated draft. If I am reading the draft correctly, the Subscriber would
have "Unsubscribe" rights and no others. 
    2) I believe it would be useful to make the rights granted to
different affiliates more granular and to allow a single entity to enjoy
more that one affiliation with a node. For instance, given a high value
PubSub service, or one that carries content that is sensitive, I might
wish to allow IT types to be "owners" of a node so that they might
create it, approve subscription requests, etc. yet not be permitted to
publish to the node. However, the current draft shows that owners are
given publishing rights. I suggest that the right to "own" and the right
to "publish" should be distinct in order to enable such a division of
    3) Along the same lines, I suggest that you distinguish between the
maintenance and node creation related rights of an owner and what are
now the "Subscription Manager" rights. It is likely that those who
create nodes will be technical types, concerned with issues of the
machine, while in many cases, those who are concerned with determining
who is allowed to subscribe to a node will be "business types" or those
more focused on the content of messages published to the node. In this
case, it makes sense to make the rights more granular. 
	4) It seems odd to me that Publishers are given the right to
delete their messages but not given the right to Purge their messages.
It seems that the effect of a Purge can be accomplished by the Publisher
simply listing all their messages and then deleting them one at a time.
Given that the Publisher can achieve the same effect as a "purge"
(limited to items they published) why not make available to them the
quick and easy method for accomplishing this purpose?

        bob wyman

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