[Standards-JIG] Re: [Members] Re: MOTION: JEP-0106 (JIDEscaping)

ze ze.ml at free.fr
Thu Apr 1 20:48:06 UTC 2004

first, thanks for your answer, and sorry for the completly offtopic

On a general note, standard should always seek what's better in
absolute, without checking too much what exists. It would often save
people from keeping old buggy wrong thought stuffs...

Richard Dobson wrote:
>> Maybe include a global (not MSN specific) way of getting a "prefered
>> nick" from a user, so you can get how he likes to be called. (Usually
>> that would be the user part before the @ in jabber's JID, and might
>> be the msn's MAIL, if the transport wants to show it that way.)
> No transport JID's do not and should not contain the user's nickname
> that would completely break the way it all works, the transport JID
> should only contain the encoded ID of the legacy network user,
> introducing a nickname into the transport JID will mean it will keep
> changing when the MSN user changes their nickname which will stop it
> all from working as JID's for a particular user should not be changing
> otherwise you will have to keep resubscribing to that user etc
> (basically it wouldnt work at all).

What i meant is a way to get the information. NOT to include it in jid.
Just like people can subscribe to lots of things, I just meant there
should be a "prefered nick". I think there is already something for
avatars, just get a standard way to get the pref. nick.

Getting it in JID would be a lot of trouble, as you said. and, it should
stay in a "prefered" nick, and never the auto-display nick, because it
could be confusing for user... having two people with the same nick, or
similar close nick, unusual nicks, and so on.

(and yes, it shouldn't have anything to do with that jep, but i wouldn't
know what title to set, as it is just a one idea, that might or might
not be taken in account)


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