[Standards-JIG] Comments of JEP-0073: Basic IM Protocol Suite (from a mobile client perspective)

Tony Cheung tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Sun Apr 25 02:50:20 UTC 2004


I have a few comments on the JPEG-0073, especially from a mobile client 

The protocol suite include the In-Band Registration for registering 
with servers and services. It is rather common that a mobile client 
does not provide the capability to create new user accounts, register 
with another server or services. Some mobile clients only provide the 
very very basic IM functions and assume the users will use a more basic 
IM client on another environment such as Windows or Linux.

The same maybe true for Service Discovery.

Honestly, I am mostly speaking from my mobile client, Chatopus, which 
is running on the Palm OS platform. It does not provide in-band 
registration and service discovery currently, as it assumes those 
functionalities are best represented from a desktop client. Development 
costs on a mobile client is sometimes simply higher than a desktop 
client, (due to the development tools), and most mobile clients need to 
be very selective on their feature sets.

We may need a few more differentiations between mobile and a desktop IM 
client for the JEP-0073.


Tony Cheung

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