[Standards-JIG] Call for Experience: JEP-0030 (Service Discovery)

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 18:36:30 UTC 2004

> > This seems to imply that child nodes cannot have
> > different jids to the parent node.
> I think you're reading too much into that statement.

Thanks for your explanation Peter.

> > Could you please make it clear whether a *node* may have children with
> > different jids.
> Sure, why not? Do you feel that needs to be more explicit in JEP-0030?

Yes. Even though it is not explicitly discouraged, it wasn't clear to me.
Possibly that was because all three examples feature children with the same
jid. How about a mixed example just to make it clear everything is allowed:

5. Query JID1+node1 for items, get back a list of items that includes:
   - JID1+node2
   - JID2
   - JID3+node3


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