[Standards-JIG] File transfer of multiple files

Hal Rottenberg hal at halr9000.com
Wed Dec 8 03:16:30 UTC 2004

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> Maybe you could just repeat the "file" element from JEP-0096? 
> You'd have problems with existing client if you just repeat 
> them now (my guess is they'll just pick the first one or the 
> last one, there is no way of telling you what they'll pick), 
> the JEP is still DRAFT but since there are quite a few 
> implementations now it might be too late for such a change. 
> So you might want to wrap your own namespace around it, and 
> make your own SI profile.

Ok, so new question--is it a draft or isn't it?  Is there a compelling
reason that JEP-0096 should not be amended to include suggestions such as
yours; sending multiple file elements?

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