[Standards-JIG] Dead participants in MU-conf, JEP-0045

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Wed Dec 15 02:16:58 UTC 2004

Hey all,

> Well, I'm a MUC implementer (both client and server side) and 
> I believe we do need to rely on XMPP servers performing the 
> role they are supposed to perform.  They are supposed to be 
> sending stanza errors when there are delivery problems.  This 
> is a must in the spec.  The MUC service needs to handle 
> stanza errors (I'm not sure if the OSS one does) and clean up 
> occupants accordingly.
> IMHO the servers/services in question should just be fixed 
> instead of throwing a workaround into MUC.  If you're going 
> to the trouble of working around the problem anyway, why not fix it?

We're implementors of MUC as well (Smack and Jive Messenger). I'd agree
with JD in general. The one feature we added to Jive Messenger that
might help other implementations is the ability to optionally kick users
from a room after they have been idle for a certain number of minutes.
This type of feature could be added to the JEP as an implementation
hint, but implementation-specific features shouldn't be a SHOULD or
MUST. Working around s2s bugs with a SHOULD seems especially strange. :)


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