[Standards-JIG] MUC and owner getting disconnected.

Jens Mikkelsen gyldenskjold at mail.dk
Tue Dec 28 10:59:47 UTC 2004

Thanks this was just what I needed.

It doesn't help me though. As I need a room that must have an owner and
must be restricted to whom he/her allows. ;o)

But thanks anyway.

On Tue, 2004-12-28 at 07:33, Rachel Blackman wrote:
> > Nobody becomes owner or admin.  There is no affiliation change tied to
> > an occupant leaving a room.  After the owner leaves, the room will
> > simply have no occupants of any affiliation greater than member.  The
> > members in the room will be able to go about their business as usual.
> And to elaborate on this, when the real owner or admin comes back they 
> get their appropriate role back.
> An example would be the jdev room; some of us have administrator 
> permissions there.  If all of us who have administrator permissions 
> leave, the room doesn't go away, nor are there any sudden promotions to 
> administrator.  There's just participants, nothing else.  But if pgm, 
> or myself, or anyone else who is on the admin list joins, our role is 
> automatically set to admin... and then the room does have 
> administrators or moderators.  Tada. :)
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