[Standards-JIG] more on social networking

Klaas Wierenga Klaas.Wierenga at SURFnet.nl
Thu Feb 19 08:31:23 UTC 2004


> This gamer-based IM client has a "friend of friends" group in the
> roster. We'd have to work on the privacy aspects of something like that,
> but it might be cool to share out (parts of) your roster to others.
> Something to think about, anyway.

Sure, I do believe it is part of the charm  of Orkut 
(http://www.orkut.com). You can browse to the friends of friends list to 
look for interesting people (or old friends you lost contact with), thus 
enlarging your social network. There you can configure as an end user 
for pretty much every attribute whether it should be visible for you, 
your friends, the friends of your friends or the world.

> And we still need to work on "shared rosters" within organizations or
> communities (join the company and everyone is in your roster; Bob in
> marketing gets fired and he's gone from everyone's rosters; etc.). I say
> that's a more important priority than the "find a friend" stuff for now.
> :-)

As long as you use the company jabber server having a shared company 
roster should be pretty straightforward, you can as a company policy 
provide everyone with a roster populated from let's say the company 
LDAP-directory. For a community or federation I wonder whether you want 
to have your roster filled with, let's say, all IBM employees 
worldwide... Then the logical path would just be to make them findable 
by hoking in to some whitepages service, just like most e-mail clients 
allow you to search an LDAP directory. Perhaps either define a 
hierarchical JUD (at least one with referrals to other JUDs, or directly 
hook into LDAP?


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