[standards-jig] JEP-0025 and JEP-0124

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 01:14:36 UTC 2004

JEP-0025 exists simply to get XMPP through firewalls. However it has some
fundamental problems.

Many XMPP clients are based on platforms that feature severe security
restrictions (e.g. mobile or browser-based clients). Some cannot read
cookies and others can only receive well-formed XML documents over HTTP. It
is *impossible* to implement either JEP-0025 or a persistent TCP connection
on these clients.

JEP-0124 is a transport binding for all platforms. It offers more than just
firewall traversal for native PC/Linux applications... It enables XMPP
clients to be implemented on many more platforms.

JEP-0025 requires that an application is installed on client
machines. But in the real world, machines behind firewalls are often
"locked" (e.g. in cafes, libraries and large corporations). This prevents
the installation of XMPP applications  - so JEP-0025 won't help. The
restricted XMPP clients that JEP-0124 enables are trusted. Many of them can
be used without any installation whatsoever.

Justin wrote:
> It seems that we have two target audiences here.
> 1) Those that are working with XML-streams, and want to leverage
> them in an HTTP Polling scenario.
> 2) Those that are working with HTTP & XML, and wish to utilize
> non-persistant XMPP.

JEP-0124 can be implemented by everyone. It requires a little more work for
developers whose existing code is based on streams. But, IMHO, that is a
worthwhile price to pay for the advantages JEP-0124 brings to the whole XMPP

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