[Standards-JIG] Query a server for users?

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Thu Feb 26 08:21:23 UTC 2004

Is it possible to query a server for a user? 

The question i wish to answer is: Does this user still exist?

I can send a message then I get a 404 - Not found if the user doesn't
exist, so the information is not secret anyway. This just has the
bad result that the user gets a message if it is there.

The goal is to be able to do a safe cleanup in the spool of transports.
If i know that user117 at jabberserver.org has been removed, then I can
safe remove the registration from the spool. 

Or is there another way, conforming to the standards, to solve this job?


./Jesper Krogh, jesper at krogh.cc

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