[Standards-JIG] XMPP bandwidth compression

Fabrice Desré - France Telecom R&D/MAPS/AST fabrice.desre at francetelecom.com
Thu Jul 1 07:35:40 UTC 2004

Fletcher, Boyd C. J9C534 wrote:
> almost forgot, one of the problems with table based lookup compression for XML is that advance knowledge of the xml schema is required. this isn't practical in XMPP since the server generally has little knowledge of the schema beyond the basic tags and sending the schema at the start of the transmission is too costly.

  This is just not true. You cant have a dynamic table-based compression 
scheme for XML that is not schema aware. Look at Fast Infoset for 
instance (http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/xml/fastinfoset/)

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