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Thu Jul 1 17:02:35 UTC 2004

> Heiner Wolf wrote:
> >1. in-band data
> >2. plain and base62 encoding of in-band data
> >  
> >
> IBB - JEP-0047
> We were discussing in-band images lately and came up with:
> Maybe there are some ideas there, that can be reused in 
> Avatars Protocol?

They are not really in-band? They seem to be always sipub-ed.

But it shows that there are more applications for "getting data objects"
in different ways. I really would like harmonize all of them. It would
be bad to have an avatar way of getting data with sipub, inline and OOB,
an XHTML way with sipub and probably others. 

We should create a general protocol for getting data objects with the
- in-band (plain and base64 encoding)
- file-transfer (with sipub?)
- disco and pubsub

Maybe by generalizing the <obj/> of

 <obj xmlns='' cid='id1'
      id='publish-0123' />

In-band with base64:
 <obj xmlns='' cid='id1' 
      encoding='base64' >0F58G4c02a90F58G4c02a90F58G4c02a90F5</obj>

In-band as plain:
 <obj xmlns='' cid='id1' 
      encoding='plain' >THE DATA</obj>

 <obj xmlns='' cid='id1' 
      src='' />
-> server will return mime type.

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