[Standards-JIG] XMPP bandwidth compression

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> 1/ We have not yet reached a real need for XMMP stream 
> compression, at least on the very high systems.

see my earlier email. When using XMPP on the Internet, compression isn't generally needed (until we start getting into interesting things like whiteboarding), but as soon as you take XMPP off the Internet and onto networks with low bandwidth ( less than 9.6 Kb/s) and high latency (satellite) then we start running into problems. Both of these are where IRC excels. However IRC lacks extensibility (not XML based, changes require a new RFC), has essentially no concept of security, and isn't scalable (each server needs to know about all the other servers).

> 2/ If need be, we have some technologies at hand that can be 
> applied immediately and if the JSF want to spend some time 
> laying a version 1 framework for it, the proposal should be 
> aligned with the current XMPP best practices as standardized 
> at the IETF (see Joe's approach for this)


> 3/ That the reasonable concerns expressed in this forum about 
> the increased size of the payload generated by new areas of 
> development such as PubSub must be addressed so that everyone 
> feels comfortable implementing or using them. Having as many 
> options to choose from before getting to a consensus is 
> probably the best approach for this, isn't it ?
> On that last point, which is outside the direct concern of 
> XMPP stream compression, I am still very interested in 
> understanding you views about the efficiency of stanza's 
> parsing following what I expressed in one of my recent posts.
> Jean-Louis 
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