[Standards-JIG] Proposed Changes to JEP-60 - PubSub

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> Fletcher, Boyd C. J9C534 wrote:
> > <> I shouldn't have to do this, the core pubsub 
> specfication should be 
> > in sufficient details not to have a write a new specification.
> > [...]
> >
> >again. I don't agree. if an application is going to support 
> pubsub then it needs to support it in a predictable manor. As 
> it is currently written that is impossible to do, so there is 
> really no point in having a pubsub specification.
> >  
> >
> Please dont think of pub-sub as a stand-alone functionality 
> to be implemented.
> It's a base protocol that you built your desired functionality on.
> I don't really see a usage pattern in publishing and 
> subscribing to a pub-sub node directly.
> You need to know what kind of data is published and how to use it.

then it's a useless protocol because, developers have to implement a new custom pubsub service for every new service. That just doesn't make any sense. You should not have to do that. It's a duplication of effort and wasteful. If we have a feature complete PubSub specification, a single implementation would be all that is required. This is the same approach used for the development of GUIs. 

> This functionality is a basis of such new protocols as 
> publishing avatars, or song information, or headlines events. 
> There are JEPs for this, that contains these MUSTs you want. 
> If you limit functionality of the base protocol they use - 

We are not limiting the functionality of the base protocol. We are significantly enhancing it by specifying how it behaves in a predictable, well understood manner. So that clients can implement User Moods, Headline news, avatars, etc.... WITHOUT having to have a specific custom PubSub implementation on EVERY server you have an account on. 

> they would need to do things in it's own ways - and we do not 
> want that (why three JEPs was merged to one).
> In other words - you do not implement pub-sub in client 
> direclty. You implement those higher JEPs that are based on 
> pub-sub framework.
> (This is how I undestand the rationale behind this JEP)
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> smk
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