[Standards-JIG] Proposed Changes to JEP-60 - PubSub

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jun 2 08:07:32 UTC 2004

>> Please dont think of pub-sub as a stand-alone functionality
>> to be implemented.
>> It's a base protocol that you built your desired functionality on.
>> I don't really see a usage pattern in publishing and
>> subscribing to a pub-sub node directly.
>> You need to know what kind of data is published and how to use it.

> then it's a useless protocol because, developers have to implement a new
> custom pubsub service for every new service. That just doesn't make any
> You should not have to do that. It's a duplication of effort and wasteful.
> If we have a feature complete PubSub specification, a single
> would be all that is required.

Huh, of course you wouldnt need to implement a new custom pubsub service for
each and every new application of pubsub, why would you? You making that
statement clearly shows you dont really understand what pubsub is all about,
maybe this is a fault in the spec im not sure, but the way I understand that
pubsub is supposed to work is that the pubsub server just acts as a generic
datastore (based on this spec), the pubsub server does not need to
understand any of the higher level applications of the pubsub protocol as it
doesnt examine the data it is given, it just does what it is told at the
generic command level and stores, deletes, modifys, distributes etc. The
higher level protocols that you need to develop on this base protocol are
only useful to entities that actually want to understand what this stored
pubsub data is and what it represents, which in the case of user moods would
be a particular users mood at the time, the pubsub server in no way needs to
understand this level of info so your statement that a new custom pubsub
server would be needed for each new pubsub application protocol is false and

>> This functionality is a basis of such new protocols as
>> publishing avatars, or song information, or headlines events.
>> There are JEPs for this, that contains these MUSTs you want.
>> If you limit functionality of the base protocol they use -

>We are not limiting the functionality of the base protocol. We are
> enhancing it by specifying how it behaves in a predictable, well
> manner. So that clients can implement User Moods, Headline news, avatars,
> etc.... WITHOUT having to have a specific custom PubSub implementation
> on EVERY server you have an account on.

As explained above there is no requirement for the pubsub server to
understand the higher level pubsub application protocol, so there is no need
for custom implementations of the server for each protocol, these higher
level protocols are only useful to the entities that want to understand the
pubsub data.


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