[Standards-JIG] PubSub.com's Use of JEP-0060

Dudley Carr dudley at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Jun 8 03:34:57 UTC 2004

Bob Wyman wrote:

>        I have placed a document which describes how we're using JEP-0060 at
> PubSub.com at:
> http://pubsub.com/bobwyman/pubsub_xmpp.html . This may be useful
> understanding some of my recent comments on both the JDev and Standards-JIG
> lists.
>        Please feel free to read the document and provide whatever comments
> that you find appropriate. Also, please feel free to access our server at
> the addresses provided and test the service. If you are a PubSub subscriber,
> you should be able to gain access to the output of your subscriptions using
> the protocol we describe.

As a developer working on a Jabber/Newsreader client, the PubSub service is 
absolutely hot. This is exactly the kind of cross pollination of Jabber and 
syndication that I've been hoping to see.

There are a couple of things that I'd to comment on:

1) All Gush users already have a JID on some server. It would be really nice if 
xmpp.pubsub.com has S2S enabled, and I could get my subscriptions just by 
logging into my own Jabber account.

2) Adding new subscriptions via Jabber would be key.

3) It seems to me that using Disco would be a better option than using the
custom IQ XML schema for obtaining subscriptions. This seems to be the Jabber
way of doing things. Also, it has some provisions for publishing items which
would be useful in dealing with #2 above.

4) I realize that the document above is a draft, but it's probably not in the 
interest of the Jabber community to reproduce the registration, authentication, 
and XMPP stream initialization protocols here. Developers have a tendency to 
assume that what you wrote is definitive, and soon there will be a bunch of 
newsreaders with crippled XMPP support since most of the developers won't be 
coming from the Jabber world. I think pointing to the relevant documents on 
Jabber.org would be good enough. Well, that or a strict warning to reference 
those IETF documents/ JEPs if they're implementing the service.

Anyway, this is really exciting. I can't wait to see where this goes.


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