[Standards-JIG] Question about JEP-0065 (SOCKS5 Bytestreams)

Michael Clase Michael.Clase at hummingbird.com
Thu Jun 24 21:38:20 UTC 2004

There appear to be some inconsistencies in JEP-0065 in the descriptions of
SOCKS5 parts of the protocol.

Specifically, section 3.1 says:

     "Target authenticates with StreamHost via SOCKS5, with the UNAME and
      parameters set to the values defined below."

But later, in section 4.6 it says:

    "In accordance with the SOCKS5 RFC, the Target MAY have to authenticate
     order to use the proxy. However, any authentication required is beyond
     the scope of this JEP."

In other words, the UNAME and PASSWD parameters are not specified below, as

Also, section 4.6 goes on to say:

    "Once the Target has successfully authenticated with the Proxy (even
     it should make a CONNECT request to a host named: SHA1(SID + Initiator
JID + Target JID),
     port 0. (The JIDs provided MUST be full JIDs, i.e.,
<user at host/resource>.)"

But later, section 10.2 gives a table with completely different values for
the DST.ADDR and DST.PORT fields.

Can someone clarify what the intention is here?

Michael Clase

Michael Clase
Senior Systems Architect

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