[Standards-JIG] JEP-0060: Comments on latest draft.

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Fri Jun 25 23:28:10 UTC 2004

Boyd Fletcher wrote:
> There are child nodes in JEP-060 because JEP-60 uses Disco
> which allows them so might notification problem still exists.
	Disco allows you to discover nodes which are items of a node. The
fact that a node is an item of another node does not imply any
"parent/child" relationship. It only means what it says: One node is an item
of another.
	The fact that one node is an item of another node is completely
irrelevant in JEP-0060 for any purpose other than browsing UNLESS the
containing node is a Container. In that case, section 10.1 is relevant.
Disco is *not* relevant to notification...

I wrote:
> 	It is clear that you would like to remove much of the 
> flexibility from the current JEP-0060 spec. However, I think 
You wrote:
> I've NEVER said anything about removing functionality.
	Well, I didn't either. You seem to have misread my message every
time the word "flexibility" appeared. Apparently, wherever I wrote
"flexibility" you read "functionality." The two are very different concepts.

> Making a specification clear and concise does *not* mean you remove
> functionlity.
	But, the way that you wish to modify JEP-0060, it *would* remove
flexibility. The use of the word "MUST" virtually always implies a reduction
of flexibility.

> What you are advocating is that everyone should write their own 
> pubsub service, ... A pubsub service should be generic enough 
> that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
	This isn't even vaguely related to reality. I have never, and will
never, suggest such a thing. In fact, I've been working hard to ensure that
the capabilities we need are reflected in JEP-0060 precisely so that what we
do will *NOT* be a unique, proprietary implementation.

	I repeat: Instead of your trying to remove what you call "ambiguity"
by removing flexibility from the specification, it would be much more useful
if you focused on proposing concrete methods by which applications can
discover at run-time the various choices made by implementers of the servers
or those who configured the nodes. (i.e. propose mechanisms for expressing
and discovering the choices.)

		bob wyman

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