network integrity (was Re: [[Standards-JIG] jep-0025])

maqi at maqi at
Sun Mar 28 16:11:48 UTC 2004

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, Matthias Wimmer wrote:

>> I forgot to mention why this is important even for TCP: Currently, if a
>> c2s connection breaks, the user's presence stays "online" for some time.
>> Every message sent to the user in this time gets lost.
> As soon as the user gets a message the socket waits for an ACK to the
> TCP packet containing the new message. If this does not arrive the
> socket will be closed after some retransmissions. Therefore normally
> there are not many messages affected.

With jabberd 1.4.x/pthsock_client and with c2s heartbeats disabled, I
quite often observed people using dialup connections and who hung up their
modem without closing the jabber client remaining as "ghosts" for 10
minutes or more. Every single message sent to them in this time gets lost.
>From my point of view, this is a SEVERE bug. This behaviour also
discourages people from migrating from other IM services. Imagine a dialup
user using Jabber with a transport. If disconnecting non-gracefully, he'll
appear as online on both Jabber and the legacy network and all messages
sent to him get lost. And disconnecting non-gracefully is normal behaviour
for dial-up users using AIM/ICQ/whatever.


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