[Standards-JIG] Re: [Members] Re: MOTION: JEP-0106 (JID Escaping)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Mar 30 08:53:22 UTC 2004

>> It only "needs" to be used on the transport to start with, but it is
still a
>> useful feature to have in the client as it allows you to make transports
>> the interface far more transparent and easy to understand rather than
>> the current situation of people not really understanding what they are
>> what to do (normal novice users I am referring to, the people that make
>> the majority of real computer users), using a standard escaping mechanism
>> allows you do decode the addresses in a reliable way so when users look
>> the properties of a transport user it will show user at hotmail.com rather
>> a rather complicated and confusing user%40hotmail.com at msn.domain.com,
>> talking with novice users who I get to take a look at Jabber this is
>> definately a point of confusion that using escaping can eliminate.

> Isn't this the reason why we have jabber:iq:gateway? The client can ask
> the transport for the foreign representation of a JID.

jabber:iq:gateway only allows a one way translation e.g. from
user at hotmail.com to user%40hotmail.com at msn.domain.com, but not the other way
around, but yes a way like jabber:iq:gateway might be one way to do it, but
it would still be far more desirable IMO to be able to do both ways of
encoding and decoding without using wire protocol as it eliminates delays
and unnecessary bandwidth usage.


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