[Standards-JIG] Re: Summary of roster proposal points

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Sep 9 14:58:04 UTC 2004

> I didn't even know that client should support incoming disco as I don't
> know any application that uses this feature. So I just would like to know
> "what clients support incoming disco currently". :-)

Exodus seems to support client disco.

>> We are in the process of defining protocols. We learn from the past, but
>> focus on the future. This means clients need to support disco.
> How should a client developer get to know this? Is incoming disco support
> part of XMPP-IM?

Client developers find out about which JEPs should be implemented by looking 
at the JEPs that have reached final, and also if you are implementing a 
particular JEP and it has a dependancy to a particular JEP you will need to 
implement those dependancies before you can implement the main JEP.


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