[Standards-JIG] Re: Roster Subscription Synchronisation JEP revision 0.3

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Tue Sep 14 12:59:15 UTC 2004

Just posting again to clarify a few things:

The MSN protocol does support 'from' subscriptions. To understand how it works 
you need a bit of knowledge of the MSN protocol, and here you go.
(http://hypothetic.org/docs/msn for more information)

User, "James" has a subscription type of 'from' to the contact, "Bob"

James then has Bob in the following of his MSN lists:
Allow List - TRUE
Block List - FALSE
Reverse List - TRUE
Forward List - FALSE

Bob has James in the following of his MSN lists:
Allow List - FALSE
Block List - Probably TRUE, but could be FALSE
Reverse List - FALSE
Forward List - TRUE

If you don't understand that, you can take my word for it (as the MSN 
transport developer), that MSN does support 'from' subscriptions, and every 
other type of subscription.

Also, the JEP I'm putting forward is not written simply to make my life as a 
developer easier. I honestly do not think that any existing protocol is 
capable of fulfilling the requirements I've listed in the JEP.

If somebody feels like writing up another proposal, then go ahead. I'm not 
disputing there are definitely other ways to fulfill those requirements, I 
just think that mine is the best.
1, because it will mostly work with existing clients (they'll receive their 
list, and all the roster subscription updates)
2, it's not difficult to modify existing clients to be fully compliant

If another proposal comes along that can fulfill the requirements better than 
mine, I'll definitely consider using it. Currently, there are none.



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