[Standards-JIG] Roster Subscription Synchronisation

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Tue Sep 14 13:51:32 UTC 2004

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 00:01:33 +0200, Tijl Houtbeckers  
<thoutbeckers at splendo.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 22:42:56 +0100, Mike Albon <mikea at yuri.org.uk> wrote:
>> Hi
>>> > Yes I can see what you are trying to do, I have shown in a previous
>>> > email that JEP-0093 can be made to sync contacts fine, just as this
>>> > proposal can do, so I wont repeat myself yet again on this.
>>> Well I haven't seen this. Adding new contacts, yes. Nothing about  
>>> removal
>>> or any of the other subscription states.
>> Why does this (remove) need to be done in a specific synchronise way?
>> What is wrong with sending 'unsubscribed' (and maybe a 'unsubscribe' as
>> well) to the client on connect for removal?
>> I apologise in advance if I missed a message that explains this.
> Hmmm.. you have a point there! I'm not one 100% sure but that could lead  
> to the removal of the item from the roster.
> I guess I'm the one who's apologising on that one!

I wasn't 100%.. and it turns out with reason. (it was late ;)
A contact will only be deleted if you do a set roster with  
subscription="remove". Thanks for pointing it out though so we can fix the  

So when a legacy contact get's deleted you will probably receive:

<presence from="bob%hotmail.com at msn.host.com" to="user at host.com"  
	<x xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/roster-subsync">
		<item subscription="none"/>

Currently "none" is used instead of "remove". I will contact James about  

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