[Standards-JIG] bot-challenge proto-JEP

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Wed Aug 31 11:28:59 UTC 2005

Op dinsdag 30 augustus 2005 22:31, schreef Ian Paterson:
> Hi,
> I've just pulled together a new bot-challenge proto-JEP. Again, all
> feedback and flames are
> very welcome:
> http://www.clientside.co.uk/jeps/jep-challenge/jep-challenge.html
> I've also been progressively incorporating improvements to yesterday's
> anti-spim proto-JEP:
> http://www.clientside.co.uk/jeps/jep-privacy2/jep-privacy2.html

I have not yet readed the whole proto-JEPs, but I think image and audio 
recognition should be removed because of accessibility problems.

About "Text Question and Answer".
1) Common parts:
* The easiest will be multiple-choice.
* Problems should be maybe also possible. E.g: "There are three people 
jabbering to eachother. Jef arrives with his car while he hits two of them. 
This car contains also his child and a cat. The eldest he hit died. How many 
living human beings do we have at the end of this story?"
* You need to set one question.
* You can set as much wrong and good answers as you want (e.g. 5 good and 20 
* The server will randomly pick questions from this list and only send a 
configurable amount of questions to the user.
* The server will also always send the answer "None of the above".
* The server also (this should not be in the JEP maybe) can automatically 
enter typos in the wrong and good answers (e.g. extra letter, letter 
switching,...) to make it harder for non-humans.
* xml:lang support for questions and answers.
* x:data forms will be used

2) Used on in-band registration:
* The admin will set the questions and answers.
* The admins always can change/add/remove the questions and/or answers.
* The admin can set multiple questions so that the server can randomly pick a 

3) Used on Privacy lists:
* The *user* can set his own question and answers.
* The question and answers will be saved in his privacy list on the server.
* The user can set questions for incoming presence subscription requests and 
incoming messages from people not in his roster.
* The user can set different questions for different incoming stuff.
* If the user has set a question for incoming messages from people not in his 
roster, a sender not in his roster first gets the question (his message in a 
waiting list with experiation time or just bounced?). If the sender answered 
one of the right answers, the sender will get some kind of secret (hash from 
all good answers?). If he sends later a new message including this secret, he 
will not need to answer the question anymore (until the receiver changed his 
* The user always can change/add/remove the questions and/or answers.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

xmpp:sander at devrieze.dyndns.org ( http://jabber.tk/ )

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