[Standards-JIG] Re: Refactor: Converting a One-to-One Chat into a Conference (JEP-0045)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jan 13 20:38:27 UTC 2005

In article 
<97B71C0C860DEC40A993AB9F7F0D4335015F5B at fattire.winfessor.com>,
 "JD Conley" <jconley at winfessor.com> wrote:

> The RECOMMENDED process for creating the room name is as follows:
> "[first person JID node] [current local unix time] [creation attempt]".
> For example, a room created by "crone1 at shakespeare.lit/desktop" on
> 1/1/2005 at 00:00:00 SHOULD first attempt to create a room named
> "crone1 1104537600 1". The first person's client MUST generate a new
> unique room name if the name they have chosen is already in use and
> continue this process until the room is created, the process is canceled
> by the user, or a timeout period elapses.

Spaces are not allowed XMPP node IDs, so hashing your string would be 


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