[Standards-JIG] Extended user info updates

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 17 14:52:37 UTC 2005

> With all due respect, telcos are not always right. No one is.

Of course not, thats part of the point, no one thing is going to be right 
for every market, and no one point of view as to what users want will apply 
to every market.

> That said, my greater point is that right now the interfaces for  <status> 
> may not be good enough if MSN users are complaining that  they need this 
> nickname-changing functionality.

The main thing that confuses them is that they dont see all of this extra 
stuff that they are sticking into the nickname as "status" information, and 
thus they are confused as to where to put it and frustrated that it doesnt 
allow them to do what MSN allows them to do and change their nickname to 
reflect this, so the whole problem is the use of the word "status", im not 
sure what can be done about this other than use a word other than "status". 
There is also the problem that this "nickname" information or whatever you 
want to call it is something distinctly different from what they want to 
express in their status information, i.e. the might want to say "has a new 
car", but when they get into the shower they also want to express "in the 
shower" or "on the phone" or whatever without loosing the "has a new car" 
status information which is what they could do in MSN, use the display_name 
for this "nickname" info and use the presence status stuff to express "on 
the phone" or "busy" or "out for a meeting, be back at 5".

Yes you could manually type them all into the status info but its hardly 
intutive, and if you use some of the default status buttons built into 
clients for "on the phone" (or the auto aways) and the like they will 
obliterate this custom info, this is a serious lacking in jabber and this 
really feels like im hitting my head against a brick wall here but these are 
distinctly different bits of information and need to be expressed separately 
otherwise it does confuse users, and no matter how much you try to say they 
need to put it into the "status" info they still see it as wrong (as do I), 
because if you think about it logically without any preconceptions it isnt 
strictly current "status" information thus its not the correct place for it.


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