[Standards-JIG] JEP-PubSub: open subscription model

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Wed Mar 30 16:02:10 UTC 2005


>	Jabber provides quite a number of mechanisms for handling
>"request-response" services. There is no need to define yet another way
>fetch data. 

This is very interesting. I am talking about avatars and pubsub, because
I want to make my avatars work with JEP-0084. But I would really be
interested which other "request-response" services there are in Jabber?
I am open to other means. Which one would you suggest?

>Additionally, I think it is particularly inappropriate to
>attempt to handle "get" as part of a pubsub protocol since the
>and interaction patterns are completely different at their cores.

It seems particularly appropriate to me, because all subscription
protocol designers learn some day that a simple GET to the same data is
also useful. On the other hand most GET protocol designers are sad that
have only GET, but no subscriptions. What I have learned is that a GET
is the trivial form of SUBSCRIBE and a SUBSCRIBE is an extended GET,
however you want to look at it. 

>	While the pubsub protocol should *not* be modified to support
>operations, there is no reason why an implemented service can't support
>pubsub and get. Such a service would simply support both the JEP-0060
>protocols as well as the GET protocols of some other extension.

I don't see what other extension this would be. JEP-0060 already has GET
(8.1.10 Get Items for a Node). The question is only if this GET returns
without subscribe. Currently implementations tend to return "access
denied", even for "open" nodes, which is kind of weird. 

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