[Standards-JIG] HTTP Polling & Binding - Redirects

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Wed May 4 02:46:55 UTC 2005

Backstory: From time to time the HTTP polling on our server either goes offline
of its own accord, or gets shut down by us due to too much CPU usage.  At these
times, we ask users to use an alternative polling URL which belongs to another
Jabber server.  Wwith the way Psi works, this is no issue, as the URL Psi sends
contains the real server to connect to.

Now, I often wonder whether there is a correct way to do this fail-over

My first thought would be an HTTP 3xx redirect code of some sort, pointing at
the other URL.  But it is unclear (according to both JEP-0025 and JEP-0124)
what is to occur if the server sends a redirect code.

I think in an ideal world, redirects would just make the client use the other
polling URL instead of the configured one, for all subsequent polls.  That way,
when polling is dead on one server, Apache can be set up to redirect users to
another server.

Is there a need to clarify this in the JEPs?  I think the JEPs should either say
that redirects are explicitly forbidden, or should give some sensible semantics
for client developers to follow if one were sent to them.


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