[Standards-JIG] JEP-0084: Missing subscription to avatar data node

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Tue May 10 13:16:41 UTC 2005

On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 06:56:38PM +0200, Heiner Wolf wrote:
> Hi,
> [This is re-re-submission, because I think there is a real problem and 
> I got no response to my re-submission. I admit that I start to feel a 
> bit stupid. Am I so helplessly wrong that the list ignores me?]

I've responded a few times, already, but here goes again:

> [..]
> I know this goes to far for some people, but I would in JEP-0060:
> - allow for subscription-less GET and 


> - rename "pubsub#subscription_model" to "pubsub#access_model"

Is there any gain in renaming this, except for the new name being more
accurate? I'm also not sure about what the installed base is for other
implementations besides Idavoll. If no-one really uses this, yet, I have
no problems with changing it.

> - apply "whitelist", "authorize" and "blacklist" to GET as well.

There is no 'blacklist' value defined for pubsub#subscription_model. We
do have the outcast affiliation, though, which solves it already.

I'm against having node owners having to authorize every item retrieval.
A node set to this subscription model would simply require to subscribe

> This solves the problem in JEP-0084 and other problems as well.

I agree subscribing to data node here is kind of useless. Once
published, an avatar's image data can't possibly change because the item
id is a hash of the image data itself.

I'm also still not happy with the use of 'content-type' as opposed to
'type', but that is a nit.



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