[Standards-JIG] more SPIM JEPs

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 09:40:38 UTC 2005

It is a shame that SPIMers have earnt so much money from SPAM. They now
have significant financial and technical resources in place. It is much
harder to build protocols and policies that will act as a real deterent
to such well resourced organisations.

IMHO the SPIM issue is fundamental to the long-term success of XMPP (as
the miserable death of email is currently proving). It is important to
have as much of our defenses in place from the start. We really don't
want to be playing catch-up.

We've already started on SPIM Reporting, JEP-0158 and JEP-0159. Do
people have ideas for any other JEPs we should be working on? (Should
we, for example, advance the 'Suspected-SPIM Marking' proto-JEP Nolan

We are entering into an escalating shifting 'battle' with SPIMers.
SPIMers will adapt their approaches freely and rapidly. While what we
can do will be conditioned by concerns about legacy implementations and
standards compliance. So all the protocols we develop must be flexible.
The JEPs shouldn't rule out any approaches that implementations might
adopt in the future.

- Ian

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