[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Flagging the Primary Resource

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Thu Sep 29 22:21:42 UTC 2005

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:16, Ian Paterson wrote:
> I was interested if anyone sees any reasons not to do it this way
> instead.

Ah.  Well, there is probably some middle ground that can save us some presence 

If there is only one resource online, don't send the extension.  If there are 
more than one, send it.  In the case you described when resource2 comes 
online with the same priority and clients might misunderstand, send the 
primary flag with resource1's presence, _before_ sending resource2's 

Once all that's done, you have minimal XML for most users who don't even know 
what a resource is, but still have trivial rules for clients to figure out 
who is the primary resource.


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