[Standards-JIG] Closing idle streams

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Thu Jun 1 18:57:04 UTC 2006

Carlo v. Loesch wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre typeth:
> | Can't a server send the following in the same TCP packet?
> | 
> |    <stream:error>
> |      <connection-timeout
> |          xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'/>
> |    </stream:error>
> |    </stream:stream>
> | 
> Unfortunately not, because a stream:error MUST be followed by
> the termination of the TCP connection (4.7.1 rule 1).

 From "Section 4.7.1 Rules":

*  It is assumed that all stream-level errors are unrecoverable; 
therefore, if an error occurs at the level of the stream, the entity 
that detects the error MUST send a stream error to the other entity, 
send a closing </stream> tag, and terminate the underlying TCP connection.

Maybe my reading comprehension skills are lacking, but I read this to 
mean what one MUST do is:
1)  send  the appropriate <stream:error/>
2)  send the closing </stream:stream>
3)  terminate the underlying TCP connection

-  LW

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