[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Wed May 17 19:01:49 UTC 2006

Carlo v. Loesch wrote:
> There once was a statistics page of one popular server, which showed
> the popularity of stanza types in comparison. Presence stanzas ranged
> at a 3x rate above message stanzas and the rest followed. The page
> has been taken down in the meantime. I remember storing a snapshot
> of that page, but I packed a couple of archives since then, so
> finding it isn't trivial. Can't you just make some new statistics,
> so that we can see how big the effect is? We're not the ones running
> big Jabber servers. We can only make statistics of how the traffic
> looks like _after_ the treatment we are suggesting.

Sounds awfully like a fairy tale, isn't it ;) Once upon a time AOL published
statistics on the subject that are not in agreement with this ratio. But
maybe AOL is not relevant, they only have a few million concurrent users
online at the same time... That said the messages were 3 to 1 over presence
changes. If you want to demonstrate gains, you usually do sampling before
and after, then compare (basic experimental approach). You do the whole
process. You do not want to outsource your demonstration either, do you? 

> Not that it were really important how big the reduction is, it will
> be relevant anyway, and since we are not trying to use a JEP-0033
> like approach, using smart unicast or later multicast is a pure win
> operation.

What's the all point if the reduction is not important?

> Alright, you're the ones running the big Jabber servers. Find out
> how many users are actively using presence-out (Simply run a stats
> script over your database, right?). I said I was supposing
> and that's what it was - a supposition. In the end it doesn't matter,
> because we're only talking about trading in traffic for less traffic.
> It's always an improvement, even if it only reduced overall traffic by 5%,
> although my guess is a lot higher. But you could tell that.

Nope. I'm the one building the servers others are using to provide big
Jabber services ;) And when I am talking scalability I have a few references
metrics I can rely upon. And my customers are the first to help gather these
figures because 1/ they verify the server handles their service load 2/ they
are able to better schedule their service growth. And believe me those guys
have artists' portfolios extending far beyond Harrison Ford or Robbie

But it's like all what you've been saying so far, you have to take my word
for it :)


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