[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Thu May 18 09:05:09 UTC 2006

Dave Cridland typeth:
| It's not mathematics, it's information theory - good old Shannon. The 
| information is this proto-jep is only marginally lower, and across 

how can you say that? matthias has showed figures that 59.76% of
presence stanzas are redundant duplicates. this proto-jep eliminates
the duplicates, or at least reduces them to the amount of involved
servers, which must range between 30-50%, if you add real multicast
it gets even better. so why are you coming up with totally unreal
ideas, that this proto-jep would hardly bring improvement?

so you think compression does the same job? well i can see how
compression helps boil down the verbose xml syntax, but how will
it reduce the complete collection of jids which are currently
being sent over the wire? tokenize the @s and .s in it? great idea!

can we have an example of how many bytes say 10 copies of presence with
different jids compress to in comparison to one copy of presence without
a 'to' or with a placebo 'to'?

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