[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Thu May 18 09:38:20 UTC 2006

Pedro Melo typeth:
| I think this proto-jep is something that would be negotiated between  
| servers. If both servers agree to use it, then you activate it. If  
| you don't want to use, don't advertise it.

and i'd like to have your advice on this, do we really have to use a
stream feature negotiation, remain compliant to the current XMPP RFC
and thus introduce placebo 'to' elements?

or can we call this a new XMPP beta version number in development,
which extends the XMPP syntax where it is useful for one-to-many

| I like this proto-jep. For starters is pretty simple and  
| implementation can be phased in. I would love to see this applied to  
| pubsub though. Maybe a proxy subscription mechanism: I subscribe to  
| topic B at serverB using my own pubsub service at serverA.

applying this to pubsub is quite hairy, since pubsub offers endless
amounts of refinement options for each subscriber. either we come up
with a new stripped down pubsub which has less options but in exchange
performs better, or we sit down a very long time to make all those
options work in a more distributed way according to one-to-many
requirements. i have written up a doc about this while examining the
possibilty of presenting a smart pubsub jep, but i guess discussing
it now would open up yet another one of pandora's boxes.

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