[Standards-JIG] NEW: XEP-0199 (XMPP Ping)

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Wed Nov 22 20:05:36 UTC 2006

Alright, after all the whining I did asking for pings, I figured I had
better implement it.

The SoapBox Framework now has IQ:Ping, and the SoapBox Server supports
it. Our components are all ping-able as well (muc / pubsub / etc).

I also added in a discover feature so clients can tell if it's there or
	<feature var="urn:xmpp:ping" />

And to be thorough, added it to our regression suite:

public void RequestTimeFromServer()
    using (Session s = Session.LoginAnonymous(new
ConnectionOptions(Utility.HostName1), string.Empty))
        Core.IQ.Ping.PingResponse resp = s.Send(new
Core.IQ.Ping.PingRequest()) as Core.IQ.Ping.PingResponse;
        Assertion.Assert("No response", resp != null);

Chris Mullins

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