[Standards-JIG] JEP-0171 Questions (Language Translation) - Registering a Translator

Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Tue Oct 10 19:30:44 UTC 2006


I concur with your analysis of the holes lefts in a scenario based on
today's XEP-0030. After all it was initially intended to allow servers to
answer disco queries without the JID being online. That said, wouldn't we be
better off separating discovery (i.e. is the service supported) from
availability (i.e. is the service present). Of course, it may imply a slight
modification of the way the client lookup the translator service by using
disco and then probing the bot presence. But is that really unrealistic?  

More generally, I believe your initial question highlight a typical case
that will inevitably become more frequent as "presence enabled" services
multiply. Everything considered, your suggestion of an extension of the XEP
to include a presence related discovery might become main stream sooner than
you think ;)


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This would work for quite a few cases, but it leaves some holes. 

If the bot that provides the translation services goes offline, there's
no mechanism in XEP-0030.5 to remove the discovery item from the server
list. It relies on the bot actually unregistering the discovery item,
which is something that won't happen in a number of conditions. 

The discovery item is really tied to the presence of the bot performing
the translation. If that bot is online, then translation can happen. If
that bot is offline, then it shouldn't be advertised by the server. 

This may be solved through an XEP-0030 modification for presence-based
discover items. As this hasn't really come up before though, I don't
know if that's justified. 

Chris Mullins

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