[Standards-JIG] Re: proto-JEP: User Gaming

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Tue Sep 5 20:54:33 UTC 2006

It seems to me that this JEP doesn't really cover real-life situations
well enough.  Here are some use cases I can think of, which are mostly
not covered by the JEP:

Join someone who's currently playing a game:
Needs a URI to the game, such as http://chesspark.com/table/1234, or
quake://  The client may need to retrieve the IP from
the game (e.g. if it's a third-party server) or it may be the client's
external IP address (for a game where the publisher is running the
server) in which case it needs a way to discover that info.  A "generic"
url like http://www.chesspark.com/ (as in the example) really needs some
sort of user identifier for that URI. (perhaps even embedded in the URI,
such as http://username@chesspark.com/ [or whatever the appropriate
syntax is] -- otherwise it could be provided outside the URI as a
separate tag or attribute.)  This is the only use case covered in the
JEP, and there it is inadequately so.

Publish a list of games which you are able to play:
Needs a list of URIs or protocols corresponding with games.  examples:
http://chesspark.com/, quake://  Clients may need some way to discover
installed games, or interact with user to define a game URI (i.e. it is
not possible to discover whether the user has an account at
http://chesspark.com) (Yes, this is maybe best handled with jep-0154,
but the gaming jep should at least describe how to do it with jep-0154)
These should be used to provide a list for the next operation:

Invite someone to play a [new] game with you:
Needs a URI to the game.  May  need a user identifier, depending on
game.  Clients may need to provide some method to launch the server
before or after sending the invite (depending on game)  This should be
sent as some sort of message/iq/whatever.  This case doesn't seem to be
covered at all by the JEP.

Publishing the "name" of the game should be outside the scope of the
JEP.  Saying I'm playing "chess" is useless, since if I'm playing chess
on yahoo and you play chess on chesspark.com, we can't play chess
together, even though the name of both would be chess.

Publishing user profile information (such as "[skill] level" should also
be left to the game itself, or to another JEP, (-0154?)), as this
information varies far too much from game to game to be usefully
published in this way. (see previous discussion about the
game-determined level (e.g. "level 60" in World of Warcraft) vs. a
user-evaluated skill level.

If I understand what this JEP is meant to do, it should provide only
enough information to find the remote user on any game.

-Alex Mauer "hawke"
Hawke's Nest BBS

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