[Standards-JIG] Communicating timezone information

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sun Sep 10 01:26:48 UTC 2006

Hi Maciek!

Maciek Niedzielski schrieb:
>> I've thought about forcing iq:time to use the JEP-0082 format. What
>> would be the transition issues?
> It depends. If implementations parse this as ISO date-time, it would 
> still work. But I guess that they may be many implementations that can 
> understand only one format (the one from original JEP). Maybe it would 
> be a good idea to ask people on jdev how would their implementations 
> react to JEP-0082 format used in old JEPs.

1. Is the format of this parsed at all anywhere? As the current format 
cannot be processed automatically very easily, I expect, that most of 
the time, it's just used by user agents displaying the string as is.

2. What would break, if an application cannot parse the result? I don'T 
think that jabber:iq:time is used by any important feature. (Again 
because the format is not very easy to use at present.)

3. Why not just add the JEP-0082 format timestamp as a new result 
element? After some transition time, we could even stop sending the old 
format string.


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