[Standards-JIG] Communicating timezone information

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Sun Sep 10 12:10:45 UTC 2006

Matthias Wimmer wrote:
> Hi Maciek!
> Maciek Niedzielski schrieb:
>>> I've thought about forcing iq:time to use the JEP-0082 format. What
>>> would be the transition issues?
>> It depends. If implementations parse this as ISO date-time, it would 
>> still work. But I guess that they may be many implementations that can 
>> understand only one format (the one from original JEP). Maybe it would 
>> be a good idea to ask people on jdev how would their implementations 
>> react to JEP-0082 format used in old JEPs.
> 1. Is the format of this parsed at all anywhere? As the current format 
> cannot be processed automatically very easily, I expect, that most of 
> the time, it's just used by user agents displaying the string as is.

Compare this with JEP-0091 (Delayed Delivery), the format is defined in 
the same way in both documents:
  The format SHOULD be "CCYYMMDDThh:mm:ss"

Timestamps are parsed, so I'd assume that iq-time (with the same format 
definition) is parsed, too.

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