[Standards] XEP-0115, 1.3pre2

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Apr 6 18:28:58 UTC 2007

Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Le vendredi 6 avril 2007, Richard Dobson a écrit :
>> Tomasz Sterna wrote:
>>> Dnia 05-04-2007, czw o godzinie 19:38 +0200, Olivier Goffart napisa?(a):
>>>> The problem is that clients will probably not check on several
>>>> contacts. (It's
>>>> much more difficult)
>>>> The hash is a lot simpler to check.
>>> If one is faking caps, what stops it from faking the hash also?
>> That's what I was thinking too.
> No, the hash would be in the <presence/>
> (so if the hash of the contact is different of what's cached that mean there 
> is a bug, and that one need to download again the disco)

Oh god no, that would work yes, but rather not have yet another large 
thing in presence that is not really needed.

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