RES: RES: [Standards-JIG] ICE XEP - xep-0176

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Tue Jan 9 23:39:36 UTC 2007

Thiago Camargo wrote:
> The current STUN Media proxy behavior is that way , bacause we are 
> familirized with SIP.
> Actually, with XMPP negociation, we dont need to negociate Media Proxy 
> candidate using SDP, UDP, and STUN protocol.
> We can negociate it using XMPP. The reason, is that if you have a XMPP 
> connection establhished, the connection is very reliable, but, if you 
> use SDP and UDP to negociate Media Proxy Candidates, itsn´t that reliable.

Sure, but in order for that approach to work, your XMPP server (or some 
XMPP server) needs to know about and communicate with the STUN servers 
and media relays on the network.

> What I suggest, is to write a XEP for STUN server discovery, 

Yes, I can do that by pulling the discovery stuff out of XEP-0176 as 
we've discussed in this thread.

> and another 
> XEP to Media Relay Server Discovery, and get Relayed Candidate from the 
> Relay Server using XMPP.

So you communicate with the relay server via XMPP, or you communicate 
with your XMPP server and it communicates with the relay server?

> This way we will be as reliable as possible and using XMPP as must as we 
> can.
> And we can create a XMPP server that provide almost every media 
> transport using XMPP to negociate.

Again, does the XMPP server itself provide the media transport, or just 
show you how to find the STUN servers and media relays?


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